The way we consume journalism demands creativity.

Audiences increasingly want more interactive news stories – and why not? Here is my multimedia portfolio.

Video packages I’ve made…

  • IN DEPTH: Benefits and The Cost of Living – watch here.
  • Sheffield primary school receives trauma training to tackle ‘mental health emergency’ – watch here.
  • Interview: Sheffield Council Leader reacts to local elections results 2022 – watch here.
  • PTC live from the local elections count 2022 – watch here.
  • Interview: Local Elections 2022: Lib Dems “cautiously optimistic” – watch here.

Researcher at Sky News for Sophy Ridge on Sunday

  • Collating facts, figures and context of political issues and creating concise briefs for the show’s host.
  • Drafting questions for senior political figures.

Here are some examples of my multimedia journalism:

  • In Conversation with Alastair Campbell, Beep – watch here.
  • Myanmar Military Coup Explained, Beep – watch here.
  • Northern Student Experience at Durham University, BBC Look North – watch here.
  • Analysing Labour’s performance in the local elections 2021, Byline Times Podcast – listen here.
  • Inspirational Women You’ve Never Heard Of, Beep – watch here.
  • India Farmers Protest Explained, Beep – watch here.
  • Lauren Takes on Inauguration Day 2021, Beep – watch here.
  • Lauren Takes on American Politics (US Election coverage), Beep – watch here.
  • The Accent Special Lexis Podcast – listen here.

Get used to the sound of my voice reading an example news bulletin below.

I co-host the Class Act! podcast with a fellow writer from the North East.

Here’s a selection of our work so far, now streaming on Spotify:

  • Episode Six (Spotify & Anchor): American Democracy, Exams Scrapped and Showbiz – listen here.
  • Episode Four: Festival of Brexit, 30 years since Thatcher Resigned, book review – listen here.
  • Episode Three: Mary Wollstonecraft, the emotional support clown and John Lewis – listen here.
  • Episode Two: The US Election Special – listen here.