Investigation: Northern student experience at Durham University

My first real piece of investigative journalism materialised in September 2020, when I researched the prejudice and discrimination faced by students from the North of England at Durham University.

The report (which can be found here) features over 20 first-hand accounts of verbal and physical abuse and mistreatment experienced by Northern students at Durham, dating back to 1996, up to the present day.

I broke the story on Beep first, and then appeared on BBC Radio Newcastle to discuss this. The story was then picked up by The Guardian, and I worked with their team to create a feature piece on the issue. Since then, I have appeared on BBC Look North with Carol Malia to discuss the findings, as well as Times Radio and BBC Radio Tees.

Following this, the story has been reported by Palatinate, The Daily Mail, The Telegraph (in print), The Times (in print), The Metro and The Evening Chronicle.

At the end of the 2021 academic year, I won the Durham Student Activist Award at the Durham Students’ Union Awards, and was also shortlisted for the Outstanding Contribution to the Durham Community Award. This was because of the report into Northern student experience at Durham University.

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